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Heath IBEP Spring 2021 Projects & Site Visits

The spring semester has been busy for Heath IBEP students. Engaging in projects throughout their many required Heath IBEP courses, they also attended their first ‘virtual’ site visit with Amazon.

Students in Business Administration course were tasked with improving meeting efficiency at Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. Students interviewed Boeing senior leadership, executives in various industries, as well as UT faculty to identify tools and best practices for high-quality meetings. They brainstormed and finalized creative solutions and accompanying procedures and training for Boeing for review and implementation.

Students led projects in Engineering Fundamentals course centered around collaborative peer education and student-developed solutions.

Peer-led education project topics ranged from project management, business & marketing plans, product and process analyses, as well as, financial planning. Each team was responsible for identifying appropriate tools and resources and constructing a slide deck, with case studies and activities, to present to their colleagues in a manner expected in a professional workplace.

Proposals for the Customer Solution teams were pitched before the semester began, with four projects and customers chosen. These included providing safe and reusable chargers for patients at UT Medical Center; creating a platform and plan for providing affordable, customizable drones – a new venture pitch; analyzing and solving sales challenges during COVID for a local, warehouse-based lighting supplier; and aggregating product knowledge and prioritizing market opportunities for an emerging technology manufacturer.

Our Seniors participated in Tickle College’s Engineering Fundamentals Interdisciplinary Design Project course and completed a variety of projects sponsored by industry. To learn more about their projects and solutions, please follow the link HERE.

Our Amazon site visit was the first opportunity we had since the beginning of the pandemic to expose our students to a distribution facility. With most companies shutting down tours and closing their doors to visitors, we were lucky to find a chance for an inside look. Amazon created a virtual experience that they were willing to share with the public which included a chance to see and tour three of their plants which all perform in different manners, from manual distribution to AI. Our students heard from facility and operational management in Tennessee, Indiana, and Michigan. At the completion of the tour, the Chattanooga distribution center allotted time for our students to meet with senior executives. They were able to ask questions and have a personalized event specific to Heath IBEP.

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