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Tully Fitzpatrick

Tully Fitzpatrick


  • Hometown: Nashville, TN


Since I was a young man, I have chosen the road less taken. In middle school, I used to play football and lacrosse, the usual route that people in my school took, until I tore my ACL. This ended my career in sports and instead of being unsure over the route I took, I decided to try policy debate on one of the top high school groups in the nation. This decision ended up being the best decision in my life, as I have learned so much about communication and the way in which it works. Instead of taking the easier route when it comes to a difficult decision, I try to make every decision a lesson, and that has taught me a lot of various aspects of life. Growing up with a sister in Computer Science and a father in Real Estate, I was always in an environment that combined Engineering and Business. When it came to choosing the University of Tennessee, I was always looking for that mix of interests that is so familiar to me. I don’t see myself as a pure businessperson, but rather someone in business who also has a passion in engineering. As soon as I heard about IBEP, I knew that I had found a home for myself. Additionally, I wanted to find a community of intelligent and driven people that would help push me to become the best version of myself, and I am glad to say that I have gotten exactly what I looked for. With my family having such strong ties to Computer Science and Business, it felt natural for me to take on these interests, too. I am a finance major with a concentration in Engineering and spend much of my free time coding and researching different investments. I dream of taking my analytical skills and unique approach towards communication to the workplace in with hopes of helping to create a bridge between engineers/analysts and the business world. I am really open to any kind of internship that gives me real life experience in these fields and am excited to bring my talents to the workforce!


Tully Fitzpatrick

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