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Swasti Mishra

Swasti Mishra

Computer Science

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My most valuable talents are communication and organization. These two skills have enabled me to serve others in every position I’ve held, from Secretary of the Tennessee Speech and Debate Society, to my work as an illustrator and social media consultant, and to the programs I write that help my peers bypass tedium and focus on the bigger picture. Organizing information creatively for my coworkers and the greater public is my forte.

While this may seem at odds with my major (Computer Science), I believe these skills complement each other. Much of our communication will be digital within the next few years, and I want to be on the forefront of making that process natural, accessible, and free of any translation loss. This is also a reason I am minoring in Linguistics–I believe Computer Science offers us the opportunity to bridge communicational divides in unique and exciting ways. 

I joined IBEP because both my cohort and the program’s network can teach me to plan, finance, and grow the projects we work on together, bringing them to a larger audience.

Additionally, I’m deeply interested in working on projects with a concrete, greater good in mind. I believe that industry has the capability to help people, and I intend to make that a part of my career every step of the way. Any team that can offer that opportunity is one I’m excited to be a part of, though I’m most keenly interested in working in entertainment, software, machine learning, or for non-profits. Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I hope to spend some time freelancing or working full-time before returning to college and completing an MBA.


Swasti Mishra

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