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Stephen Monroe

Supply Chain Management

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I have always had a strong interest in knowing about many different subjects and always have exceled in the things that I participate in. My curiosity has helped me to interact with many different types of people and allows me to be able to speak with and relate to their fields of interest. My ability to excel comes from the personal drive that I have to succeed. I am able to set goals for myself in the tasks that I complete and wanting to achieve these goals helps me to be successful. This is exemplified by having made Dean’s List every semester that I have been at UT.When I first arrived at UT I had no idea about IBEP. I didn’t hear about it until I was into my first business classes when an older student told me about it. I started looking it what it was and was immediately interested. I have always liked math, science, and the many of the other components of engineering but knew that I wasn’t interested in pursuing it as a career. The IBEP program allows me to experience engineering and its’ concepts but I do not have to study it fully or make it a career. It provides me with the tools I need to work with engineers and to more fully understand what they do.I am not dead set on a particular industry but some that interest me are consumer goods, vehicles, aviation, and defense. I also do not have a particular role that I would like either but I am interested in learning more about procurement, operations, and planning. I hope that through more of my classes and internships that I will be able to narrow down to a more specific industry and role. I am open to any industry or role in an internship or to shadow if the opportunity were to present itself.


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