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Sierra Spalding

Sierra Spalding


  • Hometown: Lenoir City, TN


My name is Sierra Spalding, and I am an Economics major/Pre-dental student who is a part of the 2024 Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. I have always been a person who believes challenges, perseverance, and experiences shape a person into the success they see in the mirror. Every obstacle in my life has allowed me to learn valuable lessons and skills that will impact my life today, tomorrow, and future. Some of these values are communication, gratefulness, and reflection. Communication is a core value in my life because it brings clarity to everyday situations and determines the success of a business. Growing up in a blended family, I had to understand how to communicate my ideas to not only two parents but four. This forced me to learn that people think and hear differently based on their background and experiences. To be heard, I had to understand the contrasting perspectives of a variety of personalities. Being grateful in every aspect of my life is also an essential value that I hold. Regardless of my circumstances, I find that thankfulness provides clarity in every step of my life and allows for an opportunity for growth. Both of these critical values offer the ability to reflect. To properly communicate, I find it essential to not only reflect on my beliefs but the group of interest that I am speaking to. Reflection also comes into play when applying thankfulness. Being grateful for obstacles in my life is a complex but rewarding process that requires consideration. This mindset has enabled me to challenge myself and others around me, which has allowed me to accomplish my goals thus far. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of a program that will continue to provoke and strengthen my skills as an individual and a professional business person. I joined Heath IBEP to help cultivate connections and ideas with others. I am eager to work with individuals with unique experiences and beliefs. I have various professional goals; however, my main interest is to become a Dentist and work with biomedical companies to help shape the patient’s comfort and care in the dental field. Using my business expertise, I want to create a business that puts people first: trust, honesty, relationships, and communication. Often, when people think of a job, they see it as a one-sided aspect of their life. I think of a job as a melting pot. In other words, I have a variety of interests in different fields such as healthcare, finance, real estate, non-profit, law, and advertisement. I am open to a mixture of opportunities because I want to have an open mind to anything that comes my way.


Sierra Spalding

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