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Shervin Shirani

Shervin Shirani

Computer Science

  • Hometown: Brentwood, TN


My name is Shervin Shirani, and I am a Computer Science major in the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program's 2024 cohort. I am also a member of the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Engineering Program and the Chancellor’s Honors Program. As a quick learner with a strong work ethic, I am eager for chances where I can have a positive impact on the world and community around me. My parents immigrated from Iran, and witnessing how tirelessly they worked to build a life from the ground up has been my motivation for having a strong work ethic. Their experiences have shown me that if I put my mind to it, anything is achievable, and this is the wisdom I aim to embrace in my forthcoming academic and career endeavors. I was drawn to the Heath IBEP program because I knew it would enable me to strengthen my networking skills and provide me the ability to further understand a business viewpoint. With Heath IBEP, I aim to strengthen my communication abilities, attain a business point of view along with the engineering perspective I am already acquiring, and finally to be able to successfully combine these two sectors. Ultimately, learning how to bridge the gap between the engineering world and the business world using effective problem-solving skills and communication skills to implement effective solutions is a beneficial asset that will aid me in my future. My immediate professional goal is to utilize computer science to tackle issues which exist in countless many sectors. Creating, developing, and maintaining medical devices is one of the sectors which interests me. Likewise, software development, data science, cybersecurity, and machine learning are also industries which I have an interest in. Technological advances have accelerated the speed of development, and I aim to be at the forefront of this industrial transformation. Ultimately, I hope that the work I perform produces a positive impact in the world and enhances people's lives.


Shervin Shirani

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