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Seth Kenny

Seth Kenny

Biomedical Engineering

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My name is Seth Kenny and I am a Biomedical Engineering student at UTK in the 2020 cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. In my life, I have enjoyed a variety of activities centered around academics, athletics, and service. Through this involvement, I have learned that hard work and collaboration are the two most important factors that determine how successful I can be. Not only do I understand how hard I must work, but I also recognize that without effective collaboration I cannot accomplish all my goals. This is the mindset that has helped me succeed thus far at UTK, and I hope that I continue to grow in this regard as I push towards my professional career.

I joined the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program because I believe it will further both my personal and professional growth. I understand that I am still relatively inexperienced and have much to learn, but I believe the experiences I will have through this program will allow me to take full advantage of my time at school. I also recognize the importance of business and engineering working in tandem and am eager to see both from a new perspective. Even though I just started in this program, I am already seeing how it will help put me on a trajectory to reach my career goals.

As for my professional goals, I hope to one day have a job in the sports equipment industry. I am very passionate about the industry and the opportunity for advancements that are present such as safer football helmets that reduce the risk of concussions. I am also interested in prosthetics and the medical devices industry; I have always been amazed by artificial devices being used in something as complex as the human body. Ultimately, I want to be in a position where I can see the positive impact my work has on someone’s life, and I am eager to begin my first opportunity in the biomedical field.


Seth Kenny

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