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Sean Liner

Chemical Engineering


    What comes to mind when you hear The Volunteer State, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the Tennessee Volunteers? For me, it is helping others. I am a person who puts others first and wants the best for them, whether it be an individual or a business. In high school, I put my classmates first by working to have a testing policy removed that adversely affected us. In college, I put my club members first by creating new opportunities for them through partnering with a motorsports park and showing them that there is more to chemical engineering than the typical industry path. During the summer, I worked at a bike shop and noticed issues for which I developed and implemented solutions. When I talk with friends, I listen to them and offer advice to help them get through difficult situations. This is me—real. It makes me happy to have a positive impact on others and it gives me motivation to do it again.

    I spend countless hours developing a race car with teammates, which is amazing because of the joy it brings along with the ability to push each other to accomplish more; it is inspiring. This same feeling is what makes me excited to be a part of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering cohort where our majors and ideas vary, pushing us to think and work in new ways.

    In all of this, growth is key, which is why I want to combine my love for helping others, seeing possibilities, and developing creative solutions in my pursuit of fuel and motorsport engineering. Both require analytical and innovative thinking, which I greatly enjoy. There is also a need in these industries to develop the next generation of sustainable technology, which I am excited to be a part of. Community and passion are also important, which I find through driving my manual transmission car on curvy mountain roads and sharing an appreciation for cars with friends and others. I also love the energy that runs deep in sports, as it fuels and connects all who share the same passion.

    Go Vols!



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