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Seamus Meagher

Electrical Engineering


    My name is Seamus Meagher and I am an electrical engineering major from Oakland, California, where I have four sisters and one brother.

    Ever since I was young, I have always been incredibly inquisitive as to how the world works—always asking my dad questions about random topics from how radios and bikes work all the way down to simple little stuff like how a paperclip or post-it is made. Luckily for me and my inquisitive brain, my dad is a mechanical engineer and physics major so he was always able to help me think through this stuff and nurture my curiosity into what it has become today.

    In high school, my curious brain really got to work and I started joining tons of clubs from stock club to mock trial to scouting, tons of sports, and robotics. Through all these experiences, I have found what I consider to be my three most useful traits as a professional.

    1. Through stock club and mock trial, I nurtured my ability to be a quick study and become proficient at tasks I had no previous experience with. In my first year of mock trial, I had never heard of rules of evidence or court procedure before but was able to pick it up in just about 3 months and our team ended up getting 6th place in the state of California that year.
    2. Scouting and sports are where I developed my leadership and team communication skills. In scouting specifically, I was able to become a senior patrol leader and eagle scout where I led my troop on multiple 50+ mile backpacking trips and mountain summits. I learned so much about effective communication and servant leadership through these experiences and I have found that the lessons I learned have translated exceptionally to my group projects so far in college.
    3. Lastly, in robotics, I was able to grow my critical thinking skills while being the mechanical team leader and needing to think of the system in all of its individual parts and how they would come together to insure no critical failures in assembly and especially none when it was competition time.

    I joined Heath IEBP because in the future I want to start an international power distribution company and want to learn more about international business. At this current moment in my career, I am looking for any internships or co-op opportunities in the power distribution or generation fields.



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