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Payton Butler

Payton Butler

Supply Chain Management

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Recently, within my life, I have aspired to become a leader and role model for the next generations in our society. Life lessons, such as treating others with respect are the most straightforward, yet many people in America and all over the world still struggle with this concept. As an African American woman, my goal in life is to help guide society into changing how they portray women and people of color in all fields.

Since I was young, I have been dedicated to cheerleading, which has enabled me to achieve my goals, learn new skills, and push myself to become a better person. My long-term commitment to cheerleading has allowed me to understand the importance of uplifting others, while advocating for generational change.

As a member of the Haslam College of Business, I decided to take part in the 2023 cohort in the Integrated Business and Engineering program. I joined this program in order to establish an engineering mindset, so I can think strategically and critically. By depicting certain ways to solve a problem, I am able to better interpret a specific concept that I might encounter in the business world. I am intrigued to be taught new and innovative things, while also becoming more educated on hands on skills that I might not have acquired as much within the business field alone. In addition, networking is very important in order for me to gain the essential resources that I will need later on in the future. By being exposed to these opportunities, I am able to learn about different styles of leadership and better educate myself on how I can lead in the future.

My dream is to be an executive in the supply chain industry, supporting the global enterprise for the healthcare or fashion industries. Currently, healthcare speaks to me as I see how the race for a Covid19 vaccine will require procurement, sourcing, manufacturing, and planners around the world work in harmony. The fashion industry also sparks interest to me as it has the ability to merge my creative passion with great minds who supply different markets around the world. Furthermore, both of these industries will provide opportunities for me to travel in the world and develop my Spanish speaking skills, as I also plan to minor in Spanish.


Payton Butler

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