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Paulina Urbanowicz

Paulina Urbanowicz

Industrial Engineering

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My family and I moved to the United States when I was six years old, making it one of the most influential changes in my life. Strong work ethic, determination, and education are three of my most important values. In all aspects of my life, whether school, social, or personal, I stay determined to achieve the goals I set for myself. I never give up, and I constantly find ways to make improvements that will eventually lead to success. I am very passionate about learning, and therefore I am open to new ideas and broadening my perspective. Over the years I have participated in a variety of activities including student organizations, research, athletics, volunteering, and leading a small group. Each of these activities have challenged me personally, and I have been able to strengthen my communication skills, become a better leader, and learn to work with a variety of groups.

Living in Oak Ridge, TN, home to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, influenced my decision to major in a STEM related field due to constantly hearing about the research, projects, and accomplishments. I wanted to join the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering program because although I tend to have more of an engineering mindset, I have had interest in the business side of engineering as well. Over the years, I have enjoyed taking math focused subjects, but I would like to challenge and expand my knowledge by working on projects with my fellow cohort members. I am someone who greatly enjoys meeting new people and hearing about their unique experiences. In addition, learning and working with other bright students is inspiring and will allow me to grow into a well-rounded individual. I am excited to get to know everyone in the cohort and expand my professional skills.

My interests for my professional goals remain broad; however, I am interested in healthcare, reliability and maintainability, and the energy industry. Additionally, I am bilingual, and am currently improving my Spanish-speaking skills. In the future I hope to have the opportunity for an international experience to apply the knowledge and skills I have in a new environment. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I plan on working in industry while attending school to complete a Master of Industrial Engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration.


Paulina Urbanowicz

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