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Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham

Supply Chain Management

  • Hometown: Clearwater, Florida


My name is Nicholas Cunningham. I am a Supply Chain Management major in the Haslam College of Business, and I am proud to be a member of the 25' Cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. I was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida, where, after eighteen years, I had the privilege to enlist in the United States Air Force and serve my country.

My Air Force career began at the 53rd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nevada. Working in the oppressive heat of Las Vegas on F-16s, I had my first of many opportunities to collaborate with engineers. During this time, I learned numerous valuable lessons and skills that played a critical role in shaping who I am today. I was taught the importance of integrity, regardless of the situation, by extraordinary mentors and leaders. I would later reflect on my career and appreciate the influence they had in setting me on the right path. Attention to detail became a part of my identity during long hours of perfecting my craft, and the occasional fatherly comment reminding me to "hold the flashlight in the right spot." My communication skills were developed through trial and error rather than through a natural talent. Nevertheless, with every misstep and challenge, my communication skills were refined and strengthened to the point where I now champion transparency.

These skills and lessons served me well during my 13-year career in the United States Air Force, allowing me to project superior air power in operations spanning four continents and over 30 different countries in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

The next chapter of my life led me to room 302 in Haslam during the Big Orange Welcome Fall 22' for a recruitment trip. I had felt adrift after leaving the service, but I found a calling in that room. The Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program ignited a desire to pursue efficiency and effectiveness through an aggressive growth mindset and a passion to be better than I was yesterday. I was thrilled to be challenged by the brilliance of my classmates and the opportunity to explore the unknown, just as I had in my "previous life."

I am passionate about giving back and volunteering my time to those in need. I aspire to work professionally in an organization with a robust company culture that shares those values and challenges its employees to grow consistently. With my talents, I aim to apply my honed cross-functional skills and refined interpersonal talents to areas like continuous improvement and business integration. I am actively seeking out new experiences and meaningful ways to grow.


Nick Cunningham

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