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Nathan LaCognata

Mechanical Engineering

  • Hometown: Frankfort, IL


My name is Nathan LaCognata, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student in the class of 2025 cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program (HIBEP). I am from Frankfort, IL which is a suburb of Chicago. Growing up as an athlete as well as being involved with other types of extracurriculars, I was exposed to many different types of situations where I had to take on numerous types of roles. This I feel has given me one of my greatest strengths, adaptability. I am willing and able to adjust and work to solve problems in any situation presented. This is aided by my hard working and determined personality. I apply myself to the limit both in and outside of the classroom always trying to be better than I was yesterday. I value commitment, honesty and resilience in the workplace and hope to work with other people who want to succeed as a team as much as I do.

I joined the HIBEP program because despite my passion for engineering I have always been curious about business and wanted to explore that path to supplement my engineering degree. I learned about the program through a member of the 2022 cohort and started looking into what the program was about. Being a part of this program allows me to pursue my engineering degree while also getting a background in business. I believe that this will only help me in being a more effective engineer and be able to bridge the gap between engineering and business to improve my efficiency and value in the workplace. The prospect of networking and connecting with a mentor and other well-established professionals also greatly added to my interest in the program.

Some of my immediate professional goals are to obtain work and life experiences through study abroad and internship opportunities followed by graduating with my master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had a love and excitement for cars which is why I would love the opportunity to use my degree in the automotive industry. I intend on finding a job that allows me to help shape the future of sustainable automobiles and racing without losing the enchantment and happiness they bring to myself and so many others across the globe. My dream would be to work for the performance or racing division of an automotive company but am excited to explore the opportunities that get my foot in the automotive door.



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