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Mun Choong

Mun Choong


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My parents moved to the United States from Malaysia with very little and built a life for my brother and me. Throughout my childhood, my parents exemplified many characteristics that lead to success. They taught me to be motivated, and this motivation led to my thirst for knowledge, which is one of my most important attributes. Through my dedication to education, I found that my inquisitiveness has given me the tools needed to excel in my ambitions. One of the tools I utilize is a strong work ethic. I am constantly finding something to learn, or something to pursue, instead of sitting around waiting for an opportunity to come. This curiosity keeps me constantly asking questions and helps me gain a wider perspective on a variety of subjects.

I heard about the Integrated Business and Engineering Program at a forum for first-year business students and inquired more about it during a first-year business course. This coincided with a peak interest in switching to a STEM major. Although I have an interest in STEM, I feel my true passion comes from working with business subjects. My extroverted personality demands a career where I can work with engineers to bring new technologies and ideas to the world and focus specifically on the finances and economics of new industries. Learning more about the program while applying, I knew this would be the perfect program for my interests because educating myself on engineering concepts helps me communicate with a wider array of people from business and engineering industries.

With an economics degree, I hope to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Since I was a child, I have had a strong interest working on vehicles. My dream is to help develop new technology in cars to make them more efficient, user friendly, and fun to drive. In addition to working with automobiles, I have an affinity for medicine, especially working in medical technology such as life-saving machines and medical data. A role in research and development would be an ideal position because of the connection between business concepts and engineering fundamentals.


Mun Choong

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