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Matthew Walker


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My name is Matthew Walker, and I plan on earning a double major in Finance and Supply Chain Management. I enjoy outdoor activities such as tennis, hiking, fishing, and golfing. I also enjoy playing guitar and piano in my free time. All my life, I have been an active member in many organizations and in my community. I see my initiative and involvement as a great skill that I will continue to develop throughout my career. Those skills have led to many great opportunities with organizations such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and the City of Knoxville. As a member of the 2023 cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program, I am excited to continue to develop my leadership and critical thinking abilities even further.

I joined the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program because I know it will teach me how to think ahead of the curve. The program offers the unique opportunity to learn how to apply engineering methods in a business environment. Working on real-world projects alongside engineers is extremely advantageous for my professional development. I first learned of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program and its details when I was a junior in high school, and ever since then, I knew the program was a perfect fit for me as a young professional. I knew that everything from the case studies to the personalized mentorship would bring the unique educational experience I desired. It is both an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program.

As far as my short-term professional goals, I look forward to exploring any opportunity that comes my way. I am interested in joining an organization that strives for innovation and explores new ways to conduct business. I understand that the business environment is changing rapidly, and I want to be a leader in staying ahead of the curve. I would be delighted to work with the technical side of a business in a field relating to finance or supply chain; however, I would be honored to gain professional leadership experience in any form. As a young professional, my unique skillset and experience from the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program will make me a great asset on any team.


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