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Matthew Valderrama

Matthew Valderrama

Materials Science Engineering

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From a young age, my parents sowed seeds of curiosity through self-exploration and hands-on learning. Such activities have made learning central to my identity and motivate me to ask questions. Through my former band director, I learned that major success only follows constant and rigorous effort. He also showed me that a successful work ethic must be paired with decisive decision making and genuine motivation in order to avoid burn-out. From my motivation to learn and acquired work ethic, I have found personal success and fulfilment.

Through my curiosity, I was exposed to the business side of engineering in the form of my high school robotics team. There I learned of how interconnected business and engineering are. Wanting to develop this insight, I discovered the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. Digging further, I realized such a program would serve as an excellent site to work with and develop alongside others with vastly different goals and perspectives before entering the work force.

Ultimately, I would like to combine my passion of music and science by designing musical instruments using recent technological advancements. The manufacturing of brass and woodwind instruments in the United States is dominated by mass production which leaves little for artisanship and variation. By studying the processing, development, and sourcing of materials, I wish to increase the quality and variety of instruments in the brass and woodwind families. Seeing as this is a very niche goal, I expect to start my own company for this vision. Before I reach this vision, I wish to serve other industries to gain hands-on experience. Currently, I am planning to work in sustainability via the avenues of product design, materials processing, or wildlife conservation.


Matthew Valderrama

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