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Matthew Mcintyre

Matthew McIntyre

Business Analytics

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My name is Matthew McIntyre, and I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics along with a collateral through the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. I have been blessed with a great family, great friends, and a great opportunity to develop my academic and professional skills at the University of Tennessee and through this program. The modest success I have had so far in my life can be attributed to my curiosity, competitiveness, and positivity. My curiosity stems from growing up in a household that really values diversity and inclusion. I developed my competitiveness from working hard, playing sports, and having older siblings. Lastly, my positivity comes from having great role models growing up and figuring out early that being grateful for everything is an exceptional way to live life. A wise man in the movie Talladega Nights once said that “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Although I cannot be first in everything, I believe that by striving for perfection and maintaining the right mindset, I am able to achieve way beyond what I had previously thought.

I first heard about the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program at freshman orientation, and it immediately caught my interest. I joined this program for a number of reasons. One, I was really interested in getting an engineering background and learning about how to tackle situations with a unique, systems-thinking approach. Second, I wanted to surround myself with top-notch classmates to learn from and push myself. Third, I was a big fan of the exposure to different types of networking with guest speakers, company representatives, and mentors. Lastly, I wanted new experiences and to challenge myself. 

Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I would love to work in a role, such as a data analyst or a data scientist, that would allow me to focus on understanding and improving the operations of a business. Whether this involves refining systems or identifying new opportunities, I want to help businesses grow and progress through the use of data. My ideal job would be one that is dynamic, fast paced, and involves heavy problem-solving and critical thinking. Later in my career, I would like to go down the entrepreneurial path and start my own business. In the end, I want to make a difference in this world and leave it a little better than I found it.


Matthew Mcintyre

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