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Madison Weems



    Hi, I’m Madison Weems and I am a part of the Heath Business and Engineering 2025 cohort. In my free time I love reading, being outdoors, hanging with my friends and watching sunsets! Growing up as an only child I took academics seriously because I had no one to compete with, like an older brother or sister, so I always competed with myself to see how well I could do in every subject. My parents always pushed me to try my hardest and to never give up and this fostered my love for academics. This showed me that there is always something else to learn and that a person can never know everything. Before I decided to come to UT, I applied to many universities across the country. When coming to college I not only was looking for a place that had my major, but I also wanted a college that could give me the opportunities to expand my knowledge in a field of study that might not be familiar to me. When researching UT, I came across the Heath IBEP program and knew from the start that I wanted to apply to this program to help elevate my knowledge on a subject I was not as familiar with. While business is my main focus, I can also learn and understand primary engineering principles that will ultimately give me more well-rounded education. This program also provides more opportunities than just learning enhancement, it also is a way to help young students improve their networking skills and give them a head start compared to most college students. Making connections is very important especially in corporate America. Heath IBEP offers many amazing networking opportunities with corporate professionals that can set students up with internships that they would have not known about before. Networking has given me the opportunity to discover what my true interest are and how I can apply them into a management career. I have discovered that I want to become a project manager for a large company which will allow me to use my leadership skills to help lead and delegate to my team members as well as utilize my economics minor to provide insight into how the project will affect the micro and macro economy. This past summer, I interned with an Aerospace company based in California and helped the team gather information that would help them meet their common goal. This allowed me to see where their information comes from as well as how the team members rely and count on each other. While this was my interest now, I am open to all options that my major can provide and change my direction of growth to satisfy my interests in both my collegiate and professional career. These experiences have shaped me into the businesswoman I am now and will help connect me to who I will be in the future.



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