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Lilly McCloud

Industrial Engineering

  • Hometown: Kingsport, TN


My name is Lillian McCloud and I am an industrial engineering student in the 2024 Heath Integrated Business and Engineering cohort. I spend most of my leisure time outdoors with friends, playing new card games, and learning skills such as sewing or crocheting. Having spent my young adult life battling an unknown autoimmune disorder, which I have since identified and begun facing head-on, I spent countless days wondering why I was feeling sick and when it would cease to cause me pain. Though this obstacle has been a long and difficult journey, it has taught me to pursue truth in all circumstances as well as focus on my strengths rather than my shortcomings. These values are critical to my current success, as evidenced by determination and grit in the face of uncertainty.For as long as I can remember, I have jumped at any opportunity to learn higher-level mathematics. This interest, as well as a desire to improve any process in my life, led me to pursue industrial engineering. It was upon realizing the vital importance of communication across disciplines that I came to admire the purpose of Heath IBEP. While my primary focus in joining this program was to grow professionally as an engineer through communication, I have come to realize the importance of advocating for the best interests of others through my professional position. As a student in Heath IBEP, I hope to make connections and work on projects that will allow me to influence the world for the better.My immediate professional goal is to explore traditional industrial engineering roles in manufacturing, followed by less-traditional IE roles such as supply chain or other business-centered functions. It is my intention to gain a solid foundation in the engineering world before applying that experience in a business-centered setting. Although I am eager to pursue any opportunities presented to me, regardless of their industrial sector, I am most interested in the manufacturing and transportation industries.


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