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Kyle Siegel

Kyle Siegel

Business Analytics

  • Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ


My pursuit of consistently improving in gradual amounts has led to achieving goals. I am referring to a concept that I have studied called Kaizen, where the individual is striving towards progressively developing their skills on a daily basis. The philosophy of Kaizen has changed my life for the better, and has affected the way I will continue to live. Perseverance has also been a critical component to my personal growth during my life. Determination and devotion has led to many opportunities in my past, which is an ample part of my value system. The combination of determination, devotion, and passion has led to the quality of “grit”. Grit has always been a characteristic of successful people that I admire, as I strive to model my persona after them. Throughout my life I have always been able to balance my academics with all extracurricular activities, which I believe has contributed to a great deal of success. I pride myself on being able to pick up information quickly and apply it to all aspects of my life. My ability to have grit has made recognition and achievements possible. I am pleased and excited to join the Integrated Business and Engineering Program to learn how to collaborate with people who have diverse perspectives and backgrounds. My goal is to work together with cohort members and mentors to augment my knowledge of engineering and business. While being a part of the program, I look forward to improving my skills in a professional manner to enhance my ability to receive mentorship and internship opportunities. In IBEP, I look to become eminently involved in the program by attending events and participating in committees. I am seeking to boost my industry and problem solving skills while continuing the process of connecting business and engineering principles. Being a Business Analytics major, I am intrigued with business analyst roles in major companies as well as small businesses and startups. Within the workplace, I would like to participate both individually and in groups. With the skills learned from my major and IBEP, I am interested in a role of data analyst, data scientist, and analytics manager.


Kyle Siegel

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