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Jovi Yoshioka

Jovan Yoshioka

Computer Science

  • Hometown: Knoxville, TN


At the age of ten, I took the initiative to teach myself how to code, a decision that has helped shape me into who I am today. Spending hours learning and troubleshooting was a strenuous process, but it instilled in me a strong passion for learning through hands-on experience and developing creative solutions to complex challenges. With these traits, I developed a routine of working hard, learning from failures, and persevering. This has allowed me to excel academically, competitively, and professionally. I have also been able to better my community, serving as a mentor for a local high school robotics team and developing software for non-profit organizations. As I progress through my academics and approach my future professional career, I will continue to apply the same initiative I demonstrated at the age of ten. I joined the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program because it will not only enrich my academic experience, but will also prepare me professionally. I recognize that Heath IBEP’s personal executive mentorship program provides a remarkable value that cannot be achieved within a classroom. Through my past participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition and internships at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, I have had the privilege of being mentored by several knowledgeable industry professionals, and I have realized the importance of a mentor’s insights and guidance when learning new skills and taking on new challenges. Heath IBEP’s cross-disciplinary collaboration allows me to learn how to work with others of different backgrounds in transforming ideas into successful products. Effective communication and teamwork, especially with individuals of different skill sets, are imperative to achieving smooth workflows; learning these skills before entering the workforce will allow me to excel in the future. I currently aspire to be a software engineer that works with others on innovative projects that improve the human condition. Although I am not certain on the specific industry I would like to pursue, I have interests in the tech, robotics, aviation, and space industries. After I gain professional experience in one or more of these industries, I plan to pursue project lead and executive positions to direct the next generation of technological advancements for the betterment of humanity.


Jovi Yoshioka

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