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Jeremy Meanwell

Jeremy Meanwell


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The strongest characteristic I possess is drive. Much of my drive is taken up by my joy of making friends, learning more, and bettering myself. I attribute most of my current success, whether it be academic or not, to this characteristic and the values most central to me: reliability, honesty, and optimism. I believe reliability is a value everyone should strive for to create strong relationships as well as dependableness in anything you do. Reliability goes hand in hand with honesty; the value my parents have ingrained in me since I can remember because it reflects integrity, proves trustworthiness, and promotes approachability. Optimism keeps me constantly motivated to pursue goals, search for what is next, and levelheaded in difficult situations. I allow my drive to guide me towards my goals, pursuing them reliably and honestly, while staying optimistic along the way.

After enrolling in the University of Tennessee, I had a hard time choosing my major. I was torn between studying Finance or Engineering – both disciplines I had been interested in for a few years. I ended up choosing Finance; however, a few weeks into my first semester at UT I heard about the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program and thought it was the perfect opportunity to pursue both of my interests. After learning more about the program, the knowledge of both engineering and business seemed invaluable. I enjoyed the idea of working in a cohort of like-minded individuals, as well as the great opportunities to network, sharpen my skills, and learn how to use engineering and business together.

As a Finance major in the Haslam College of Business, my current industry interests include equity analysis, consulting, and corporate finance. I have had an interest in equity analysis for the past few years due to my desire to understand businesses and knack for logical problem solving. I hope to have a deeper understand about the roles of consulting and corporate finance soon. I plan on completing two internships before graduation to narrow my career interests, and possibly attend graduate school a few years after entering the work force.


Jeremy Meanwell

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