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Isabella Siegrist



    I grew up with my dad always telling me, “shoot for the moon, Isabella, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” In that way, I’ve always been the type of person to reach toward what is difficult, for even if I fail, there’s a lesson waiting for me, or another opportunity soon to be around the corner.

    Throughout high school, that meant, not unlike those who did fly to the moon, specializing in STEM subjects. In those accelerated courses, I would often be just one of a few girls in the class, which at first, made me reserved, or uncertain of my voice. However, I soon learned that my worth was just as great as any of my male counterparts, and I entered college, then, with the strength and determination to achieve my goals.

    At the same time, I was developing an interest in business and communication, all the more informed by my newfound confidence. I realized I wanted to be able to translate an idea that was entirely my own, or borne of collaboration, into a fully-fledged product or service, and so I entered UT Knoxville as a business major, coupled with an astronomy minor, so I could still pursue my STEM interests (particularly my love for space). I appreciated the intersection of business and sciences, but I was curious to see if they could become even more intertwined during my academic career—that’s when I discovered the Heath program.

    Through Heath IBEP, I recognized I could pursue both my interests in a cumulative, collaborative way; I need not decide between my “business” side or “STEM” side. In the future, I see myself pursuing a career where I could combine elements of the more communicative aspects of marketing with the data-driven knowledge of the sciences. Already, I experienced a taste of that work at a boutique fashion apparel company last summer, where I took part in an effort to enhance our business’s sustainability. Regardless of where I land, I see a Heath education as preparing me for a lifetime of integrated challenges, requiring a variety of diverse yet crucial skill sets.



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