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Hudson Classon

Hudson Classon


  • Hometown: Louisville, TN


Spending much of my young life around smaller scale businesses, I have learned a couple lessons that I have been able to apply to all facets of my life. The first lesson I learned was that being well-rounded and understanding the full scope of things allows you to be so much more valuable to those around you. The second lesson is that hard work pays off. Alone, each of these lessons are vital, but you cannot accomplish everything with just one of them alone; however, when you combine the two, there is nothing you can not accomplish. Because I have grown up based on these core concepts, I have been able to achieve many things based on my ability to adapt and work my way through any challenge that arises. I have always had a fear that working on the business side of things, I would never be able to understand the more technical engineering focused aspects. When I found out about Heath IBEP, it could not have been a more ideal fit. Working alongside my fellow cohort members helps us all gain soft skills such as teamwork and communication. We can then take these skills with us while communicating with industry experts. Through immersive classes, industry exposure, and networking opportunities, IBEP will be crucial to helping me grow both personally and professionally. After college, there are a few fields that I would be interested in: tech, food and beverage, real estate, and automotive. I am keeping my options open, but I know that wherever I end up, I want to make an immediate impact. I bring a wide range of skills to the table and I hope that I can further broaden my skill set upon the completion of the IBEP program. Through my own entrepreneurial ventures, I have learned that the work itself is not the only thing that keeps a company running, the team and environment are just as important. Going forward I am looking to be not only a vital asset when it comes to output of work, but also a cornerstone of company culture.


Hudson Classon

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