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Hanson Lam

Hanson Lam

Computer Science

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In all facets of my life, I attribute three values to my success: grit, creativity, and flexibility. These core values have allowed me to set high standards for myself, and I find that my drive to solve problems and tackle challenges stems from these principles. Since a young age, I’ve lived by the philosophy that determination begets success, a principle that has drawn me towards taking risks and being a focused learner. This combination has led to many of my achievements, both academic and personal, and it is the reason why I decided to pursue a double major in computer science and applied mathematics. I truly believe these skills distinguish me from others, and I look forward to utilizing them in my future endeavors.

I joined Heath IBEP due to my interest in entrepreneurial business and its ever-growing applications to programming and computer science. As technology becomes more integral to everyday life, the importance of understanding business’s role is paramount and necessary to succeeding in the tech industry. IBEP, through its innovative classes, networking opportunities, business projects, and guest speakers, provides a framework for understanding and excelling in this interdisciplinary work culture. Additionally, the program builds on soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. As an aspiring innovator, I’m certain the tools developed through IBEP will be crucial in helping me grow both personally and professionally. 

My short-term goal after college is to become a software developer in the consumer goods/services and technology industry. Though my specific interests are still fairly broad, I know that I want to pursue a career dedicated towards improving the life of others. My primary focus would be developing and improving software, as that would combine my curiosity and creativity in a useful and impactful way. After a few years in the industry, I hope to return for an MBA to continue my business education. Undoubtedly, I recognize that technology has catalyzed a high-pace change, and I hope to be at the forefront of this industry shift.


Hanson Lam

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