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Grace Sadler

Supply Chain Management


    My name is Grace Sadler, and I am thrilled to be a member of the 2025 cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. Growing up an only child I became very comfortable putting myself out there to meet new people. I have always considered myself personable, approachable, and confident. Very early on in my life, I learned that being a leader for my peers was extremely important to me. When I entered middle and high school, joining clubs, sports teams, and honors societies became a major part of my life. Moreover, it was important to me, in everything that I did, that I was not just another member or student but that I was a leader. I believe that this attitude has helped me to be successful by exposing me to amazing opportunities for growth with mentors and peers. I've done my best to carry this mindset over into my collegiate life by joining Phi Mu Fraternity, All Campus Events, Student Ambassadors, and other organizations on campus.

    The Heath IBEP program really piqued my interest because of the students that are involved in it. I believe that the thinking of the future engineers of our world differs fundamentally from the thinking of the world's future business professionals. Being a business student, I have been surrounded by students who think and act very similarly to me. However, I think that one of the toughest professional challenges in one's life is to effectively work with people who may operate differently than you. I feel as though pairing schools, business and engineering, will allow all of the IBEP students, including myself, to grow in their understandings of the way other people think and act in professional setting.

    With the skills, experiences, and knowledge I take from my time as a collegiate student, I hope to potentially attend graduate school. I am very interested in corporate law or a corporate supply chain career. Corporate Law greatly appeals to me because I'm interested in the opportunity to combine my personal values with precedent to determine right from wrong in an ethically clouded corporate world. Additionally, I would enjoy working on the corporate level in supply chain because I feel as though this kind of profession would give me opportunity for development and leadership.



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