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Emily Buckner

Emily Buckner

Mechanical Engineering

  • Hometown: Chester Springs, PA


Growing up in a household with an older sister and a twin sister, I have learned important life skills, such as the art of patience and problem resolution, but I have also developed the growth mindset necessary for me to harness my full potential. The successes earned by my older sister as she works toward her PhD in materials science and engineering and by my twin as she begins her undergraduate career in aerospace engineering at UT inspire me to whole-heartedly pursue my own academic goals. From a young age, I believed hard work was the only key to success. While hard work is undoubtedly important, I’ve realized that embracing new and unexpected opportunities with enthusiasm has made the biggest difference in my college experience. Welcoming change and celebrating adaptability has led me to take on leadership positions in the Society of Women Engineers, Delta Gamma Fraternity, and Club Soccer Team and to broaden my educational experiences through the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program.

When I first learned of IBEP in high school through a family friend in the program, I was solely focused on engineering and blind to its value because business seemed unrelated. And yet, the unpredictability of beginning college during a pandemic highlighted the importance of adaptability and resilience, not only in school but with life in general. When presented with IBEP again, I approached it with an open mind and recognized the interdisciplinary opportunities it offers. The chance to explore and further my academic pursuits drew me into applying, but seeing the close bonds formed within cohorts and mentor relationships truly convinced me that I wanted to be a part of IBEP. I am eager to work with others who bring new perspectives and ideas to the table and to form close relationships with my peers and local professionals.

My newfound open-mindedness towards new opportunities also extends to my professional goals. My ultimate goal, which remains unchanged, is to make a difference in this world. I crave a career where I can apply my technical knowledge, problem solving skills, and passion to improve the lives of others instead of simply working for a paycheck. Currently the industries I am interested in remain broad, ranging from applying nuclear science to the medical field and radiation treatments to improving access to sustainable energy sources. I hope to explore and refine my career interests through undergraduate research and professional development experience before moving on from UT.


Emily Buckner

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