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Eli Bosco

Eli Bosco


  • Hometown: Antioch, TN


Growing up, I always had a knack for creativity and studying patterns. By integrating these qualities, I have uniquely understood the systems necessary to succeed in academia and the professional world. I exercise these attributes in my academics, personal and professional life. During my freshman year, I discovered these qualities distinguish me from the herd. The greatest advice given to me was to work on my natural talents rather than my weaknesses. In following that ideal, I have joined the Health Integrated Business and Engineering Program( IBEP).


Health IBEP was first introduced to me as a freshman via Haslam Headlines. The program quickly drew my attention for its uniqueness in bringing together two of UT's most outstanding colleges: the Tickle College of Engineering and the Haslam College of Business. The program achieves this by blending courses that are focused on solving organizational problems and system-based reasoning. I have found this strategy of learning is effective in creating collaboration among the students while developing leadership skills and creating a better apprehension of how decision-making can affect an entire organization. My understanding of the course, accompanied by my curiosity, led me to fill out the application quickly. IBEP is the only program at UT that creates a hybrid of graduates who create value in both the business and engineering disciplines, which distinguishes a good employee from a great one in today’s world.


My future career interests are currently none. I am a blank canvas.  I'm looking for anything that may pique my interest. As such, I am open to any challenging, exciting opportunities that come my way. I am a hard-working individual who is adaptable to any situation.


Eli Bosco

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