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David Huang

David Huang

Computer Science

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My name is David Huang, and I am a Computer Science major who is a part of the 2023 Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. Through many challenges and life experiences, the skill and attribute that have proven most important to me and my success is communication and resilience, respectively. Whether it is managing a business, participating in a class, or leading a robotics team, the communication of ideas has proven essential. An idea’s true value only shines when it is shared through communication. Secondly, resilience is crucial to the improvement of oneself. It is never reasonable to go into challenges with the expectation of succeeding from the very beginning. It is never success that teaches valuable lessons but instead failure that teaches one to learn from their mistakes.

When I first heard of the Heath IBEP program, I knew that the program would be tremendously beneficial to me both academically and socially. The members of this program are not just a community but a family. I knew that by becoming a part of Heath, I would be surrounded by intelligent individuals of different backgrounds who would push me to my greatest potential, regardless of the challenges ahead of us. The program would also be a gateway to a world of resources, lessons, mentors, and opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. Additionally, the program allows me to see problems from a business perspective which will be invaluable to my future career as a computer scientist.

My immediate professional goal is to utilize computer science to tackle issues such as language barriers. Growing up, I have always seen how my parents struggled to communicate with English-speaking customers in their business which made it difficult to provide services. Over time, I heard the same story from multiple families. To tackle this issue, I hope to someday be able to create software that assists with accurate translation, language pronunciations, or learning a language in its entirety. The potential is endless, and the need is constant as countries such as ours continue to grow in diversity. Ultimately, I hope that the work I do is one that can make a difference in the world and improve people’s lives. Ideally, I am interested in an internship where I can work with the development of language software, but I am open to any opportunities to help me gain experience within the tech or language industry.


David Huang

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