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Colin Hatt

Business Analytics


    My name is Colin Hatt and I am a Business Analytics major. So far, my values of passion, competitiveness, and confidence have helped me succeed in my life. I always let my interest guide me and face whatever I encounter head on. If I decide to do something, it will receive 100% of my effort and it will become something I must succeed at. My passion for anything that I do drives me to succeed and become successful in that area. This goes hand in hand with competitiveness. Growing up I always got in trouble for not letting my little brother win at anything. I was and still am so competitive that I can't stand to just let someone win or not give my all, in order to succeed. Lastly, my confidence has always helped get where I wanted to go. I am extremely extroverted and always am comfortable meeting new people and communicating in a comfortable manner. I use my confidence and sociability to help me improve my both my leadership and communicative skills.

    I first heard about The Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program when I met with my academic advisor Freshman year. I was explained how I can have the ability to utilize my business skills to solve real world issues while being able to learn engineering principles at the same time. I thought the ability to apply my knowledge in a real-life setting would be invaluable.

    My dream job would to be to work with sports analytics in some fashion. Whether that would be in a sport gambling sense, working to set lines that anyone in the nation would gamble on, or for a sports organization, helping the team with strategy or scouting. The movie "Moneyball" is my favorite movie of all time and has definitely introduced me to career in the sport analytical world.



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