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Chloe Stone

Chloe Stone

Mechanical Engineering

  • Hometown: Seymour, TN


Hello, my name is Chloe Stone, and I am a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the Tickle College of Engineering! I am extremely honored and excited to be a part of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program 2024 Cohort! I am a remarkably dedicated and hardworking individual in both my academic career and personal life. I am one of those people who believe that anything is possible when you put in enough effort! My love for engineering started back when I was eight years old! After I would get home from school, I would run to my room and spend countless hours innovating and creating anything I could imagine out of cardboard! It taught me precious skills like independence, creativity, and practicality. I also started working when I was only fourteen years old, and that experience really shaped my values and abilities, ultimately leading me to strive to succeed. It taught me that minor details have the most impact on people. I have also seen firsthand the interworking of small businesses and how to maximize revenue through marketing, increase productivity by problem-solving, and make long-lasting, meaningful connections through communication. The reason I joined Heath (IBEP) is to be able to understand how to create products that can be distributed and sold to others, making a difference on a global scale. As soon as I attended the first Heath IBEP information session, I knew that I would be supplied with the necessary knowledge to become the type of engineer who makes a positive change! Through learning how to create connections with others to learning hands-on and understanding real-world scenarios. The central aspect that drew me to Heath IBEP is its ability to merge engineering and business. Both industries exist because of each other, and being able to maximize these concepts and learn how to apply the critical components that both have to offer is a dream come true! Heath IBEP molds engineering and business leaders who take a step back and think about every scenario, creating useful, helpful and practical designs! My interests in industry are very diverse and open. I have an interest in the underlying aspects of manufacturing, the creation of sustainable clean energy, entrepreneurship, and product design! I enjoy merging both business and engineering opportunities to create new and valuable experiences! My ultimate goal would be to work for a company that values innovation and communication!


Chloe Stone

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