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Charlie Craft

Charlie Craft

Industrial Engineering

  • Hometown: Brentwood, TN


Hello Everybody! My name is Charlie Craft and I am an industrial engineering student in the 2024 cohort of IBEP. The key value of my success would be grit. At first, nothing ever came easy to me. I was always the slowest person in my gym class and the last to finish the reading passages. I had to put in the extra time to get caught up to my fellow classmates. When I did catch up, my work ethic continued and I began to improve beyond the average. I had to try out a lot of different methods that would help me solve everyday problems. I would accredit innovative initiative to my success as well. I never wanted to think like a normal individual. This led me into many entrepreneurial endeavors in the forms of work, clubs, and activities. This led me to mowing yards when I was 14, hauling junk when I was 16, and stringing tennis rackets when I was 18. My last trait that I would accredit my success to is the ability to listen. Growing up, I was always a quieter kid. Never did I want to be the center of attention, I always sat back and enjoyed listening to others stories. The natural tendency of actively listening to my parents, influential mentors, and teachers allowed me to be extremely successful inside and outside the classroom. I always knew whether to continue something because of a response to a situation despite it sometimes going against the grain of traditional human culture. I joined IBEP in order to grow within a community of like-minded individuals. I always want to surround myself with high achieving people, and I believe that IBEP has the network that I was looking for. I also wanna be malleable within a business-engineering field. Being able to understand each other's perspective will allow me to communicate effectively for my own company. I am really interested in the industrial field’s of manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics and distribution. I am also really interested in venture capital, investment banking and financial advising. I plan to pursue an MBA or CFA after or during college.


Charlie Craft

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