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Carter Hatch

Carter Hatch

Biomedical Engineering

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My name is Carter Hatch, and I am a junior in the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering, and I am a member of the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Engineering Program. I live by the motto that hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard. I have seen that through hard work and determination, I can accomplish the goals that I set for myself. My dedication to hard work has led to my recognition as a leader throughout my life. I believe my leadership skills and work ethic are my biggest strengths and will prove to be the driving factor for where my future career will take me.

Joining Heath IBEP is a privilege and honor that will shape the rest of my life. As an engineering major, we do not often get exposed to the type of language that businesses use daily. There is a stigma around engineers that they cannot communicate in a way that allows everyone to understand. I joined Heath IBEP to become a solution to that problem. IBEP teaches students to think more critically and be able to converse in the languages of business and engineering. While my engineering courses will help me learn the technical information that I need to succeed, IBEP will allow me to hone my communication skills to become a new breed of engineer.

I hope to apply my biomedical engineering degree to the field of allergy. As someone who grew up with terrible allergies, I have seen first-hand how this field can change someone’s life for the better. Within this, I see myself as someone who would work to improve allergy testing devices or someone who looks at correcting allergies on a cellular level. Although I have this interest, I am keeping my eyes and options open. I would like my career to be somewhere between the fields of medical devices and therapeutics, but I also find diagnostics to be an interesting field as well. I believe these fields overlap in many areas, and I hope my career encompasses all of them. Biomedical engineering is a quickly growing field with boundless opportunities, and I am excited to see what the future brings.


Carter Hatch

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