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Caroline Czarnecki

Industrial Engineering


    My name is Caroline Czarnecki, and I am an Industrial Engineer in the 2025 Cohort of the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program. I joined this program to apply my interest in business management and systems thinking to my engineering degree to better understand how both industries work together in competitive markets. I have always seen learning in an academic setting as an opportunity to understand more about the world and myself, and integrating two fields of interest of mine through one program has broadened my perspective on systems immensely. Additionally, working with other students who take different approaches to problem solving has helped me understand that I value my own abilities to communicate, respect, and creatively contribute while in a group setting. Staying active in my community has always been very important to me. I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, where I split my time between enjoying the outdoors, studying, and family responsibilities. Throughout my high school education, I enjoyed planning dances and school events as the student body president, working with digital design software, and building robots in extracurricular clubs. I spent my remaining free time on various art projects and after-school jobs. However, one of my favorite past times is photography and videography. I have always valued my time outdoors, and whenever I have the chance to go hiking or camping, I jump at the chance to capture wildlife on film! After spending so much time outdoors throughout my childhood, I knew I wanted to include environmental sustainability in my career in some way or another. I enrolled in a design thinking course my freshman year of university and decided that I loved working on projects that involve process improvement and innovative solutions to problems. As I progress through my academic and professional career, I look forward to implementing sustainable and innovative practices that promote eco-friendly production in my future roles.



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