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Caitlyn McCall

Caitlyn McCall

Chemical Engineering

  • Hometown: Burlington, NC


There has always been insatiable need for knowledge. I have always thought that learning takes precedent in life, and this allows for one to grow as a person. The constant pursuit of understanding how and why things work has always been a constant need. Asking questions is something that is regular for me and brings me a sense of peace. This stems from the natural curiosity that I have had since childhood where one of my main goals was to be knowledgeable in all things and be able to help others with that information. This caused for me to become a collector of facts (sometimes fun or helpful). I can tell you all about the way select species of jelly fish glow in the dark or how earth’s atmosphere extends almost 10,000 km above the surface. This has created a need to understand the way that things work and has brought me to where I am today in always thirsting for understanding and pushing myself to be as well-rounded as possible. I was honored to be my high school’s valedictorian because of this. The initiative that I use to propel myself continues to be something I use to propel myself in life. IBEP is an amazing platform to get an understanding of all sides of the workplace in most companies. The way that one can view the sides of engineering and business through developing skills that allow for one to be a well-rounded engineering or business major to have a grasp over both sides of the spectrum is really interesting to me. I want to not have to worry about one side of a conservation not understanding when I am speaking to someone in the workplace. I feel like this is an important step to having a cohesive environment. The mentorship that this program also drew me in as I feel like that is an easy way to get an immediate understanding of what it means to be a part of a company when pursuing a goal. Sustainability and pharmaceuticals are where my interests lie for future professions. I have not entirely certain as to where I want to end up, but these are two pathways that are intriguing to me. My goal is to become a problem solver and here are Reliability Engineer, Project Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Thermal Engineer, and Molecular Engineer.


Caitlyn McCall

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