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John Turner

John Turner


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For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. The idea of one’s legacy is tremendously important to me. My ultimate goal is to make life easier for the next generation. When facing difficult decisions, I always determine how these decisions could affect me in the long run. Communication is another skill that I think is undervalued in today’s world. I pride myself on having superior communications skills, whether that be in my personal relationships or in the professional realm.

At first glance, the two disciplines of Economics and Engineering do not seem compatible. Economics is often associated with ostensibly antiquated theories from hundreds of years ago, while Engineering is seen as an ever-changing field that directly molds our future. I chose IBEP for the opportunity to form a synergy with these aforementioned fields and to be taught valuable lessons from the best and brightest faculty the Haslam College of Business and the Tickle College of Engineering have to offer. With an IBEP education I will be fully prepared to tackle real world problems mandated by employers in our fast-paced economy.

In the future, I plan to have a career in the Economic Development field. I am extremely passionate about the future of my East Tennessee community, and I anticipate translating the skills I learn from IBEP into benefitting my region. I intend to work for a Chamber of Commerce or another Economic Development agency in order to serve my community. I am extremely interested in increasing internet access in rural communities, and I hope with my career I will be able to bring technology to underdeveloped areas. Overall, I anticipate that my IBEP experience will continue to catalyze my professional and technical growth, and I hope to repay these efforts by playing an active role in my community and to give back to the program whenever possible.


John Turner

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