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Ashna Tipirneni

Ashna Tipirneni

Business Analytics

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Growing up as an Indian woman in America, I have encountered many experiences that have given me unique perspectives of how to approach challenges and solve problems. Seeing how my mother came to the United States as a single mother has driven me to value hard work, develop my strengths, and to always seek knowledge. By balancing extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and academics, I have learned how to accomplish tasks efficiently through time management and persistence. In high school, I was a part of the cross-country team, where I learned valuable leadership skills, discipline, and how to communicate effectively with my teammates. Working part-time customer service jobs have allowed me to develop my soft skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and networking. These vital experiences have shaped my personal and professional character that will be valuable to my future career.  

When choosing my major, I was interested in both Business Analytics and Computer Science, but I ultimately decided on Business Analytics. I applied to Heath IBEP because it caters to my interests in both business and engineering and strengthens my skills to be more competitive in the job market. Having the opportunity to have an executive mentor is something that I value immensely in this program, as well as, interacting and working with my cohort filled with individuals of different and similar backgrounds. By working with small groups to solve real world problems, I have been able to challenge myself to be more creative and self-sufficient. 

As I further study at the University of Tennessee, I plan to minor in computer science to gain a technical background and expand my knowledge in programming and problem solving. Furthermore, I hope to pursue an internship internationally to gain exposure to interacting with people in a different setting. After completing my academic studies, I hope to apply my Business Analytics major and Computer Science minor into a career path focused on the advancing technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the world rapidly changing, I am excited to be able to gain invaluable experiences and skills in Heath IBEP and other opportunities at the University of Tennessee.

I joined Heath IBEP because I wanted to be in an environment that included both of my interests in business and engineering. As mentioned before, my strengths allow me to flourish in situations where a system-based thinking approach is used to break down problems and solve challenges, which is what IBEP focuses on. Specifically, I am interested in sustainability, and having the opportunity to connect with mentors and businesses that specialize in that field would be a significant driving force for me to understand that specific field. Additionally, working alongside a small group of accomplished IBEP students would allow me to challenge myself to be more creative and self-sufficient.

This program is a pivotal opportunity to gain a different perspective in engineering and business, but also to magnify my strengths within a professional space through ample mentorships and internships. Participating in Heath IBEP will aid in further uniting and developing my character that benefits my future endeavors.

My industry interests include Banking, Accounting, Venture Capital, Energy and Natural Resources, Healthcare, and Non-profit. I would be interested in roles where I am allowed to work independently or in small groups and I am able to manage projects and advance within the company. Within my major, I would be interested in being a Business Analyst, Data Scientist, or Data Analyst.


Ashna Tipirneni

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