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Ethan McFarland

Ethan Mcfarland

Electrical Engineering


    My name is Ethan McFarland, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville pursuing an electrical engineering degree. I am looking to focus more on circuit design for products and smaller systems rather than pursuing the power systems route. That has stemmed primarily from my involvement in FIRST Robotics. I competed in First Lego League from age 9 to 13 and FIRST Robotics competition throughout high school. Both of these programs are focused on introducing and honing students' skills in the engineering design process, research, presentation skills, and a variety of hard and soft skill sets. During the program, I gained MCAD and CAM experience with Fusion 360, automated machining skills (CNC, 3D Printing, and Laser cutter), hand machining skills (Lathe, Drill press, band saw, chop saw), extensive experience soldering and wiring electrical systems. I also held leadership positions on the team including electrical and pneumatics lead for three years, Finance lead my senior year, and product team member for two years. One of the mentors was an employee at Scrum Inc. and helped to implement scrum, a form of Agile project management, which the team put into practice during my junior and senior years. After senior year, I was invited to participate in the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center’s 10-week The Works program, where my brother and I developed our laser tag start-up using OKR and KPI management system. It has been a long time since my first robotics meeting, and whether it be a Lego robot or trying to start a business, I love to solve problems and create new and unique things. While I have a passion for engineering, being the finance lead for my robotics team and going through The Works program have opened my eyes to how interconnected business and engineering are. That is why I joined the IBEP program, and I hope to be equipped to approach problems with a broader picture of both the business and engineering worlds. Currently, I am interested in automated robotics projects as well as opportunities in the medical field. I would love to get involved in low-level circuit design and coding for an internship, but I would be open to the right co-oping opportunity.


    Ethan McFarland

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